PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
28.03.2020 21:24:122342457G0ROI 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
28.03.2020 21:24:042342457G0ROI 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
28.03.2020 11:38:272344853G1BPD 21GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
28.03.2020 08:45:482351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea3
28.03.2020 08:43:542351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea67
28.03.2020 08:41:272351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea23
28.03.2020 08:38:302351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea176
28.03.2020 08:37:082351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
26.03.2020 22:00:402352875M6GSR 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
26.03.2020 14:10:202351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
26.03.2020 12:08:352352095G7BHE 11GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
26.03.2020 12:08:222352095G7BHE 11GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
25.03.2020 13:45:042351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
25.03.2020 13:45:032351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
25.03.2020 13:45:002351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
25.03.2020 13:40:422351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
25.03.2020 13:30:392351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
25.03.2020 13:24:252351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea19
25.03.2020 13:23:442351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
25.03.2020 13:23:402351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
25.03.2020 13:22:072351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea9
25.03.2020 13:21:142351814M0STO 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
25.03.2020 13:19:532351145G4IQE 2801GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
25.03.2020 13:18:432351814M0STO 2802GB7EXSouthend on Sea4
25.03.2020 13:15:512351814M0STO 2802GB7EXSouthend on Sea5