PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
15.08.2019 15:01:02234686424000GB7CLClacton on Sea1
15.08.2019 15:00:13234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea9
15.08.2019 14:59:49234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea7
15.08.2019 14:59:35234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea1
15.08.2019 14:59:19234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea1
15.08.2019 14:59:16234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.08.2019 14:59:11234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.08.2019 14:58:44234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea0
01.07.2019 17:40:51234686429990GB7CLClacton on Sea2
01.07.2019 17:40:34234686424000GB7CLClacton on Sea1
01.07.2019 17:39:54234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea7
01.07.2019 17:39:31234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea1
28.06.2019 15:12:37234686424000GB7CLClacton on Sea1
28.06.2019 15:11:49234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea2
03.06.2019 20:49:2623468642840GB7CLClacton on Sea45
03.06.2019 13:04:56234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea1
03.06.2019 13:04:39234686429990GB7CLClacton on Sea1
30.05.2019 10:10:49234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea5
30.05.2019 09:33:25234686429990GB7CLClacton on Sea3
30.05.2019 09:33:06234686424000GB7CLClacton on Sea1
30.05.2019 09:32:13234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea5
30.05.2019 09:31:58234686424400GB7CLClacton on Sea1
30.05.2019 08:44:03234686429990GB7CLClacton on Sea2
30.05.2019 08:43:36234686429GB7CLClacton on Sea0
27.05.2019 11:07:46234686429990GB7PEPeterborough1