PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
21.05.2019 10:01:212351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
21.05.2019 10:00:592351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
21.05.2019 10:00:382351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds16
21.05.2019 09:59:252351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds20
21.05.2019 09:59:072351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds7
21.05.2019 09:58:352351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
21.05.2019 09:58:042351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds11
21.05.2019 09:57:592351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
17.05.2019 16:49:412352850G0FEA 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
17.05.2019 16:49:272352850G0FEA 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
16.05.2019 09:46:492351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
14.05.2019 15:19:352352764G0TMX 180GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
12.05.2019 11:12:082352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds4
12.05.2019 11:10:482352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds66
12.05.2019 11:09:262352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds57
12.05.2019 11:06:302352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds28
12.05.2019 11:05:242352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds40
12.05.2019 11:05:042352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds4
12.05.2019 09:18:572352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
12.05.2019 08:48:282352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds6
12.05.2019 07:21:272352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds7
11.05.2019 16:11:402345080M1AKN 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
09.05.2019 18:48:462352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
07.05.2019 11:19:462341987G8GRL 22353GB7WSBury St Edmunds3
05.05.2019 13:30:342352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds1