PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
18.08.2019 10:51:26121649922351GB7DXNew Romney0
18.08.2019 10:31:05121649912351GB7DXNew Romney0
18.08.2019 10:14:08121649912351GB7DXNew Romney0
18.08.2019 08:33:4323471951235GB7DXNew Romney0
18.08.2019 00:09:342352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney2
17.08.2019 22:08:332352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney5
17.08.2019 21:32:032352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney3
17.08.2019 21:30:522352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney9
17.08.2019 21:25:092352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney3
17.08.2019 21:24:352352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney4
17.08.2019 21:13:062352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney9
17.08.2019 21:00:422352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney4
17.08.2019 20:52:27121649912351GB7DXNew Romney0
17.08.2019 19:45:47121649912351GB7DXNew Romney0
17.08.2019 19:03:252352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney0
17.08.2019 17:37:082352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney3
17.08.2019 17:27:452352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney0
17.08.2019 17:20:382352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney0
17.08.2019 09:18:392345533M6XXO 19GB7DXNew Romney7
17.08.2019 09:18:332345533M6XXO 19GB7DXNew Romney0
16.08.2019 23:18:272352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney2
16.08.2019 21:40:112352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney4
16.08.2019 21:39:562352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney0
16.08.2019 21:38:522352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney4
16.08.2019 21:12:022352530G0IMD 29GB7DXNew Romney2