PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
19.09.2019 20:19:5323440362E0EWH 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
19.09.2019 20:19:2823440362E0EWH 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
19.09.2019 12:56:132341571G6SPH 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea7
19.09.2019 11:22:3112801GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
19.09.2019 11:22:0712801GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
19.09.2019 09:31:0212801GB7EXSouthend on Sea8
19.09.2019 09:30:4112801GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
18.09.2019 14:05:442352518M1DKP 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.09.2019 14:05:362352518M1DKP 19GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.09.2019 14:05:222352518M1DKP 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.09.2019 14:05:102352518M1DKP 12351GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.09.2019 09:06:3812801GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
18.09.2019 09:00:1412801GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:35:3423440362E0EWH 184GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:35:2923440362E0EWH 183GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:35:2623440362E0EWH 182GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:35:2123440362E0EWH 181GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:35:1123440362E0EWH 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:29:4623440362E0EWH 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea8
17.09.2019 20:27:1023440362E0EWH 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 20:27:0123440362E0EWH 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 14:08:4023469701235GB7EXSouthend on Sea8
17.09.2019 13:48:2123472011235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.09.2019 13:46:2223472011235GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
17.09.2019 13:12:3323472011235GB7EXSouthend on Sea5