PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
17.08.2019 10:54:48234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea0
17.08.2019 10:54:36234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea1
17.08.2019 10:53:39234713812049GB7CLClacton on Sea2
17.08.2019 10:53:33280589011GB7CLClacton on Sea5
17.08.2019 10:53:0923471381235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
17.08.2019 10:52:4323471381235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
16.08.2019 22:35:002345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea2
16.08.2019 22:32:122345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea3
16.08.2019 22:31:552345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea5
16.08.2019 22:31:412345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea6
16.08.2019 22:26:372345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea3
16.08.2019 22:25:532345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea9
16.08.2019 22:25:362345247M6OKZ 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea3
16.08.2019 16:00:462344046G6CLA 2840GB7CLClacton on Sea0
16.08.2019 14:39:3723471191235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
16.08.2019 13:31:162341525G4OAX 2840GB7CLClacton on Sea0
16.08.2019 13:29:472341525G4OAX 2840GB7CLClacton on Sea0
16.08.2019 08:39:0023443932E0NNG 2840GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.08.2019 23:08:2323471381235GB7CLClacton on Sea14
15.08.2019 23:05:45234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea10
15.08.2019 23:04:3923471381235GB7CLClacton on Sea20
15.08.2019 22:52:54234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea8
15.08.2019 22:51:44234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea23
15.08.2019 22:50:15234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.08.2019 22:49:27234713811GB7CLClacton on Sea21