PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
15.12.2019 22:03:582343572G6FLW 15GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.12.2019 22:03:342343572G6FLW 12351GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.12.2019 15:32:582345326G7AJG 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
15.12.2019 12:27:332354489MM6PIJ 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea1
15.12.2019 12:06:3923474091235GB7CLClacton on Sea1
14.12.2019 21:09:042341784M0DSY 2842GB7CLClacton on Sea0
14.12.2019 16:03:3323438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea41
14.12.2019 16:02:3323438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea23
14.12.2019 16:02:0323438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea16
14.12.2019 16:00:5023438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea25
14.12.2019 15:59:2623438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea38
14.12.2019 15:58:4323438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea8
14.12.2019 15:58:2523438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea5
14.12.2019 15:58:0823438862E0OLN 181GB7CLClacton on Sea1
14.12.2019 15:57:5423438862E0OLN 180GB7CLClacton on Sea1
13.12.2019 16:20:3523474091235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
13.12.2019 12:54:552341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea1
13.12.2019 12:54:522341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea1
13.12.2019 12:54:452341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea4
13.12.2019 12:54:432341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea0
13.12.2019 12:54:422341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea0
13.12.2019 12:54:412341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea0
13.12.2019 12:54:352341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea5
13.12.2019 12:54:302341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea1
13.12.2019 12:54:232341784M0DSY 29GB7CLClacton on Sea1