PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
26.12.2019 11:49:522343060M0NYW 1235GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
26.12.2019 11:49:482343060M0NYW 1235GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
26.12.2019 11:49:162343060M0NYW 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
25.12.2019 09:38:082352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds6
21.12.2019 17:56:412352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
20.12.2019 16:35:172352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds3
20.12.2019 15:38:422352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
20.12.2019 15:37:592352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
19.12.2019 08:54:442352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
19.12.2019 08:52:142352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds15
19.12.2019 08:49:582352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
18.12.2019 11:22:542352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
17.12.2019 09:24:092351819M1NIZ 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds4
12.12.2019 12:31:452351837M1TES 1235GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
12.12.2019 12:31:222351837M1TES 1235GB7WSBury St Edmunds8
12.12.2019 12:30:562351837M1TES 1235GB7WSBury St Edmunds6
12.12.2019 07:49:162352764G0TMX 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
11.12.2019 14:53:372351837M1TES 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds6
11.12.2019 14:43:102351837M1TES 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
09.12.2019 07:09:472352049G7MLO 29GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
08.12.2019 13:07:372352049G7MLO 29GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
07.12.2019 12:18:192352049G7MLO 29GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
05.12.2019 15:18:5223419472E0JSKWoW29GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
05.12.2019 15:16:242352764G0TMX 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds7
05.12.2019 15:16:1123419472E0JSKWoW11GB7WSBury St Edmunds2