PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
12.12.2019 07:49:162352764G0TMX 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
05.12.2019 15:16:242352764G0TMX 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds7
05.12.2019 15:14:462352764G0TMX 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds13
05.12.2019 15:12:432352764G0TMX 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
05.12.2019 09:04:302352764G0TMX 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
03.12.2019 14:22:382352764G0TMX 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
02.12.2019 14:14:562352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
02.12.2019 12:19:332352764G0TMX 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
02.12.2019 12:19:272352764G0TMX 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
01.12.2019 15:03:512352764G0TMX 24441GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
01.12.2019 15:03:262352764G0TMX 29GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
22.11.2019 16:24:272352764G0TMX 24460GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
22.11.2019 16:23:122352764G0TMX 183GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
22.11.2019 16:22:502352764G0TMX 183GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
14.10.2019 14:00:582352764G0TMX 180GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
14.10.2019 13:54:492352764G0TMX 184GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
24.07.2019 11:30:582352764G0TMX 180GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
25.06.2019 16:03:372352764G0TMX 184GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
14.05.2019 15:19:352352764G0TMX 180GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
07.04.2019 11:39:172352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds9
07.04.2019 11:36:382352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds109
07.04.2019 11:33:182352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds132
07.04.2019 11:29:092352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds93
07.04.2019 11:27:382352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds25
07.04.2019 11:24:492352764G0TMX 181GB7WSBury St Edmunds147