PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
28.03.2020 18:38:222352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds12
28.03.2020 18:15:132352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
28.03.2020 18:14:532352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds4
28.03.2020 16:59:562352049G7MLO 123526GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
28.03.2020 16:59:242352049G7MLO 123526GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
28.03.2020 16:59:012352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
28.03.2020 16:36:242352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds3
28.03.2020 16:35:532352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
28.03.2020 10:59:072352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds21
28.03.2020 10:45:012352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds3
28.03.2020 10:44:452352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds4
28.03.2020 10:44:362352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
28.03.2020 07:53:242352049G7MLO 11GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
27.03.2020 16:40:012352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
27.03.2020 16:38:402352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
27.03.2020 16:38:272352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
27.03.2020 16:27:212352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds2
22.03.2020 16:12:032352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
22.03.2020 16:11:302352049G7MLO 19GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
22.03.2020 16:10:262352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
22.03.2020 16:05:322352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds0
22.03.2020 16:05:102352049G7MLO 12351GB7WSBury St Edmunds1
22.03.2020 09:53:482352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds14
22.03.2020 09:53:002352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds39
22.03.2020 09:51:332352049G7MLO 24440GB7WSBury St Edmunds51