PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
16.08.2019 16:00:462344046G6CLA 2840GB7CLClacton on Sea0
05.08.2019 20:07:132344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea12
05.08.2019 20:07:112344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
04.08.2019 21:11:222344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea0
04.08.2019 21:10:262344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
04.08.2019 21:10:002344046G6CLA 28GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 21:48:342344046G6CLA 28GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 09:01:062344046G6CLA 28GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 09:00:582344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 09:00:502344046G6CLA 2802GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 09:00:332344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 08:14:272344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea2
03.08.2019 08:14:202344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
03.08.2019 08:14:172344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea2
03.08.2019 08:14:152344046G6CLA 2801GB7CLClacton on Sea0
02.08.2019 22:27:262344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea11
02.08.2019 22:25:382344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea84
02.08.2019 22:23:072344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea93
02.08.2019 22:21:122344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea86
02.08.2019 22:19:092344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea86
02.08.2019 22:17:022344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea79
02.08.2019 22:14:512344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea91
02.08.2019 22:12:422344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea83
02.08.2019 22:11:072344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea52
02.08.2019 22:09:492344046G6CLA 1235GB7CLClacton on Sea48