PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
03.04.2020 05:34:012344853G1BPD 21GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
03.04.2020 05:33:542344853G1BPD 21GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 21:04:42423658719GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 17:08:442351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
02.04.2020 17:07:492351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea28
02.04.2020 17:07:072351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
02.04.2020 17:07:012351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 17:03:542351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea157
02.04.2020 17:00:2123437922E0TSF 181GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 17:00:1823437922E0TSF 180GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 16:58:202351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea87
02.04.2020 16:55:232351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea176
02.04.2020 16:54:4123437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea10
02.04.2020 16:54:2323437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
02.04.2020 16:54:0723437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
02.04.2020 16:52:1423437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
02.04.2020 16:51:5123437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
02.04.2020 16:51:4323437922E0TSF 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 16:50:092351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea8
02.04.2020 16:47:332351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea126
02.04.2020 16:44:362351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea176
02.04.2020 16:39:242351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea104
02.04.2020 16:36:562351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea37
02.04.2020 16:33:432352013M6EBU 11GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
02.04.2020 16:30:242351168G8YPK 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea175