PHOENIX DMR Live Monitor

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Date/Time (UTC) Source ID Callsign Name Slot Destination Via Repeater Repeater QTH Duration
18.08.2019 12:12:502352518M1DKP 2842GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.08.2019 11:54:172351168G8YPK 2810GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.08.2019 10:51:462352518M1DKP 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.08.2019 10:51:432352518M1DKP 19GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.08.2019 10:51:292352518M1DKP 12351GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
18.08.2019 10:50:522352518M1DKP 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.08.2019 17:05:052344301M6KSY 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.08.2019 16:51:562341483M0BGR 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
17.08.2019 16:51:472341483M0BGR 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
17.08.2019 16:51:442341483M0BGR 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea1
17.08.2019 16:51:252341483M0BGR 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea5
17.08.2019 16:23:222341483M0BGR 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea7
17.08.2019 13:46:202341294G4WTE 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea2
17.08.2019 13:45:262341294G4WTE 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea33
17.08.2019 13:44:492341294G4WTE 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea13
17.08.2019 09:23:332341294G4WTE 1235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
17.08.2019 07:36:2723471191235GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
17.08.2019 07:32:4723471191235GB7EXSouthend on Sea6
17.08.2019 07:31:2823471191235GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
16.08.2019 20:47:242345386M5YRG 29GB7EXSouthend on Sea0
16.08.2019 20:05:5823471191235GB7EXSouthend on Sea7
16.08.2019 19:45:062347119181GB7EXSouthend on Sea3
16.08.2019 19:43:562347119181GB7EXSouthend on Sea58
16.08.2019 19:39:492347119181GB7EXSouthend on Sea102
16.08.2019 19:37:422347119181GB7EXSouthend on Sea64