Current Reflector usage.

Current Phoenix Reflectors

4400Dongle Calling ChannelPhoenix TG235 Link ** Currently disconnected due to abuse by dongle users
4401UK Chat 1Phoenix TG80 Link
4402UK Chat 2Phoenix TG81 Link
4403UK Chat 3Phoenix TG82 Link
4404UK Chat 4Phoenix TG83 Link
4405UK Chat 5Phoenix TG84 Link
4406UK 6CK AS and EK local Link
4407UK 7
4408UK 8
4409CQ-UK Wires-XCQ-UK Wires-X Link
4410SW EnglandPhoenix TG810 Link
4420NW EnglandPhoenix TG820 Link
4430MidlandsPhoenix TG830 Link
4440East EnglandPhoenix TG840 Link
4441East England 1Phoenix TG841 Link
4442East England 2Phoenix TG842 Link
4450ScotlandPhoenix TG850 Link
4460NE EnglandPhoenix TG860 Link
4470WalesPhoenix TG870 Link
4480Northern IrelandPhoenix TG880 Link
4491SE EnglandPhoenix TG801 Link

Current DMR-DL Reflectors

DMR-DL TGDMRplus ReflectorGroup Name
13004130DMR-DL ST/MV
13014131DMR-DL BE/BB
13024132DMR-DL HH/SH
13034133DMR-DL HB/NI
13044134DMR-DL NW
13054135DMR-DL RP/SL
13064136DMR-DL HE
13074137DMR-DL BW
13084138DMR-DL BY
13094139DMR-DL SN/TH

Current DMR-MARC Reflectors

DMR-MARC TGDMRplus ReflectorGroup Name
1314581DMR+ Quebec (French)
1334639DMR+ USA (English)
1344370DMR+ Latin America (Spanish)
1434404DMR+ United Kingdom (English)
1534851DMR+ South Pacific (English)
31694640Midwest Regional
31724642Northeast Regional
31744644Southeast Regional
31754645Southern Plains Regional
31764646Southwest Regional
31774647Mountain Regional
3022TBCQuebec Provincial
30234580Ontario Provincial
3026TBCManitoba Provincial
3027TBCBritish Columbia Provincial