You can send the GPS data of the Anytone D868UV to This works via;

  • MMDVM Repeaters
  • MMDVM hotspots
  • Hytera repeaters
  • Motorola repeaters

Those using a MMDVM hotspot with DMRGateway must configure their hotspot to send the GPS data to the IPSC2 and not to another DMR network.

The following settings are to be made in the code plug:

  • Select menu item Channel
  • select the desired channel
  • at APRS select Report 1

  • Click OK.
  • Repeat this procedure for each channel.
  • Go to Optional Settings.
  • Select GPS/Ranging tab.
  • Select GPS On .
  • Select all settings as shown below.

  • Select menu item Digital APRS Information.
  • For Manual TX Intervals (s) select the duration in seconds, when the GPS data should be sent manually when pressing the PTT key.
  • For APRS Auto TX Intervals (s), select the duration in seconds when the device should automatically transmit the GPS data.
  • In Transmit Power High choose.
  • In Fixed Location Off choose.
  • Select at Report Channel Current Channel .
  • For APRS Talk Group, enter 5057.
  • At Call Type Private Call dial.
  • For Slot select the desired time slot.
  • On OK button.

That’s it!