With the new GDPR laws coming into place on the 25th May 2018, I wanted to remind users of the Phoenix UK network what data is stored on them.
* Call signs, First name, and DMR ID for any registered user is stored on our servers.
Any user accessing our server Phoenix-F with a dongle or accessing via a repeater connected to Phoenix-E will have the following data captured and stored whenever the radio has transmitted
* DMR ID, Repeater ID, Start time, and Duration.
This data is then used to display live monitor information in conjunction with the DMR ID database we store. This allows for the viewing of DMR ID, Callsign, Name, Start time and duration of every transmission. Last heard data is purged at least every 18 months.
Should you wish to view information stored on you please use the following link, and insert the relevant DMR ID.
where 2351887 is your ID. *due to the nature of DMR, this is linked to a radio transmitting with an ID, and it is known that pirates do exist. Should you be concerned someone is using your ID please contact the admin team.
Users connecting with a dongle to Phoenix-F will have their IP address displayed.
If you wish to have all your data removed from our services, more information can be found at http://www.opendmr.net/index.php/GDPR/
There will be three levels of removal.
1. Delete past last heard data, but future data will still appear
2. Delete past last heard data and hide future data appearing
3. Delete past last heard data and block ID from being allowed for use on the network.
*proof of ownership of the ID will need to be provided.
Requests will be processed within 30 days.